The women in Talita's target group who want long-term help can enter Talita's twelve-month rehabilitation program. The program, which has been evaluated by Malmö University with good results, is based on a method (the "Talita method") which we formed based on the knowledge we gathered during the 20 years we have worked with our target group. And the method works: virtually all women who have completed Talita's program, have left prostitution for good. The Talita method includes safe housing, trauma therapy, teaching, planning for the future, internships as well as transition to independent living and integration into society. Thanks to our transition apartments, if necessary, we are able to extend support to a woman for an additional year, giving us more time to secure her possibilities for the future.


If the police, social services, or another authority wants to place a woman with us, they are able to reach us on our 24/7 hotline. When a woman arrives, she immediately receives her own room where she can unwind and feel safe. We provide food, hygiene articles, clothes, and support in every way we can through counselling (with the help of translation if needed), being present at the police’s interrogation, etc. In most cases, the woman goes through a preliminary investigation and may eventually participate in a trial. Each woman who comes to Talita is offered a place in our one-year program. The majority of women we meet prefer to return home as quickly as possible, especially when they have families in their home country. We help them apply to the return program offered by Sweden's Gender Equality Agency (Jämställdhetsmyndigheten) in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).


Two women (one Swedish and one originally from Romania) who previously completed Talita's program, together with another employee and a volunteer, started our outreach work. The work is aimed at women and young girls trapped in street prostitution, used in strip clubs and other arenas in Stockholm where prostitution can occur. one evening per week, the team goes out to support, motivate and build relationships with the women. They also have a hotline that the women can contact during the following week. The goal is to reach out with information about the long-term support that Talita offers and to identify minors who are (or risk becoming trapped) in prostitution and support them in contact with authorities. Our outreach team also collaborates with hotels: if prostitution is occurring in their hotel, a hotel can reach out to our team and ask them to talk to the women and offer help.


Reality Check

Reality Check is an initiative promoting young people’s sexual health and preventing men’s violence against women and children. Funded by The Inheritance Fund, the project is a part of Talita’s prevention work and aims to increase young people’s knowledge about the harms of pornography. Lesson plans and practical tools will assist educators and other professionals working with children to address pornography’s harms on young people. The materials are based on myths and facts about pornography.

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Part of Talita's prevention work consists of research. Through research we aim to increase knowledge about various issues related to Talita's work and to improve and quality assure Talita's various efforts.

Breaking free - Improving support services for Romanian women and girls exploited in prostitution or sex trafficking

In 2017, Talita conducted a mapping of existing support efforts in Romania aimed at women in Talita's target group. Many of the women brought to Talita originate from Romania. Often, the women must return home because of children or sick parents in their home country. In order to be able to offer these women the same type of support they would otherwise have received in Sweden, Talita investigated the need to start operations on the ground in Romania. The report resulted in a collaboration with an existing local organization, Associatia F.R.E.E., where women in Talita's target group can undergo Talita's long-term program in Romania.

Out of sight, out of mind - insights into the Swedish pornography industry

Over the years, Talita has witnessed a clear link between pornography, prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes. Some of the women we have met have ended up in the sex industry via pornography; others have been filmed while being bought for sex, and these images have ended up online; others have been trafficked and exploited in the pornography industry. Still, there was very little knowledge about the pornography industry in Sweden, and if it even existed. These knowledge gaps led us to carry out the first survey of the Swedish porn industry ever made.

The study clearly shows that the pornography industry exists Sweden, and profits from exploiting young, vulnerable girls. It is a brutal form of the sex trade, and although it is a form of prostitution, the Swedish government has yet to address this type of prostitution.

Link to the report in english: Out of sight, out of mind