Where we work


When we considered starting operations in Romania, we chose to look for a partner organization, as there are several non-governmental organizations working against human trafficking for sexual purposes. A mapping of existing organizations in Romania, (Breaking Free), resulted in the establishment of a partnership between Talita and the organization FREE, who offer assistance not only to women exploited in human trafficking but also those used in prostitution, strip clubs, etc.

Today, FREE runs the safe house Casa Talita and offers the Talita method which is financed by Talita Sweden.


Villa Talita is a safe house for our target group that was opened in the fall of 2012. The house, located at a secret address, consists of four rooms and a kitchen. Villa Talita provides a place where the police, social services, and other authorities can send women who need urgent help and protection. Overnight staff are present in the villa when required, and otherwise there are daytime staff and a 24/7 hotline. We are able to welcome women regardless of whether another authority pays for her expenses or not, which allows us to even welcome undocumented women exploited in prostitution or human trafficking for sexual purposes.


Together with the organization Maisha (which means 'life' in Swahili), we founded 'Maisha Talita' with the aim of helping girls and women leave the sex trade in one of Nairobi's largest slum areas, Majengo. Maisha already operates a sheltered accommodation for girls who have been subject to sexualized violence. However, when the police come into contact with a girl in a brothel or in street prostitution, the chances that she will be taken to a safe place where she can receive help and support are minimal. Maisha Talita wants to change this. We will work through prevention, outreach and rehabilitation in collaboration with authorities and other actors to help our target group experience a new life.


Our Mongolian employees founded a local Talita organization in Mongolia in 2013. Prior to this, there was not a single NGO in the country offering long-term support and rehabilitation in sheltered housing for our target group. Talita Mongolia was the first organization in the country licensed to work with children who have been subjected to sexual exploitation. Talita Mongolia applies the Talita method and the work is financed by Talita Sweden.


How to form a partnership

If a local actor abroad wants to start a partnership with Talita, the first step is a meeting and an evaluation of the needs in the country in question. One condition for continued discussions is that the potential partner agrees to and signs Talita's governing documents. Thereafter, an assessment is made regarding the level of cooperation that is most appropriate in the individual case:

Level 1 - Founding a local Talita organization

If there is no organization in the country or area working in a similar way as Talita, but there are enthusiasts ready to do the work, Talita can form an organization from scratch. Talita is then responsible for financing and implementing our method.

Level 2 - Partnership with independent local organization

If the actor is an existing organization that works in a similar way to Talita, a collaboration can be formed which means that the organization retains its identity, operations and governance but receives financial resources from Talita in order to implement the Talita method in its entirety (see below) and is regularly responsible for reporting and disclosing results.

Level 3 - Implementation of the Talita method

If the actor is an existing organization that works in a similar way to Talita and has financial resources, but there is no method for rehabilitation, a collaboration can be formed, whereby both actors are completely separate units but the local organization implements the Talita method, consisting of :

  • Educational materials in book form
  • Instructional films for all lessons
  • Compendium with relevant documents (e.g. template for future planning)
  • Written tutorial materials on the method as a whole

Use of Talita's material

Actors/organizations who do not cooperate with Talita can buy and use Talita's teaching materials. The material is available for sale in book form with accompanying instructional films.