Who are we?

Our rehabilitation program is based on a method we formed from the knowledge gathered over the 20 years we have worked with our target group. And the method works: virtually every woman who has completed Talita's program has left prostitution for good. Below is a quote from one of the women we have worked with, whom we call Sara:

”The continuous rapes and abuse killed me from within. I just wanted to end my life. The police and Talita saved me. Today I am studying at the university.”

Talita has a good collaboration with the police. They often refer women to our shelter when they conduct a crackdown on pimps and sex buyers. Fighting the organized crime behind sexualized slavery is a huge challenge, requiring a lot of resources - which is why we need you!

Vision & mission


Talita means ‘little girl’ and comes from a story in the Bible when Jesus stands beside a girl’s deathbed and says ‘little girl, I say to you, get up’ (talita koum)-- and the girl rises up. Our vision is that each woman and girl who has been exploited in the sex trade is able to rise up to a new life.

Talita’s motto is to see the woman's situation holistically, help her the entire way, regardless of where in the world she has been exploited and regardless of whether or not someone pays for her placement at Talita.


Human trafficking for sexual purposes is a modern form of slavery. Prostitution is a form of men's violence against women. Pornography is documented prostitution.

Talita's mission is to fight sexualized slavery in all its forms through prevention, outreach and rehabilitation.


Talita is built on Christian values

which means that in every person, we see someone who:

  • is worthy to be loved and treated with respect, interest, high regard, and without judgment
  • has a free will that must be upheld, heard, and respected
  • is created with a unique purpose
  • has basic needs of a physical, mental, psychological, social, intellectual, and spiritual nature

Talita’s ambition is to create an environment where the target groups’ specific needs can be met, and to provide healing from trauma and reorientation that promotes positive personal development for the future. We welcome anyone who falls within our target group, regardless of ethnic background, social status, religion, sexual orientation, or political opinion. We aspire to create a safe place where vulnerable people feel welcome and new hope is formed.



Founder, trauma therapist and lawyer specialized in human rights and experience in working against the child sex trade.


Founder, trauma therapist and licensed pharmacist with many years of experience in educational training and competence building.


Site manager at Villa Talita. Social worker with long experience working with children and families in vulnerable situations.


Research and prevention manager. Initiator and project manager of Talita's prevention project Reality Check.


Support worker for the women in Villa Talita. Teacher with earlier experience of volunteer work in Talita Sweden and Casa Talita in Romania.


Visual communicator and webdesigner. Handyman at Villa Talita.


Operations manager for Talita Gothenburg. Earlier experience with outreach among our target group and education in social sciences and psychology.


Social worker with earlier experience volunteering at Talita. Runs Talita Gothenburg together with Andrea.


Project manager for Reality Check. Involved in women's shelters since 2011 and holds a master's in international relations.


Strategist for Reality Check. Has worked for over 20 years with the issue of men's violence against women.